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Change is Cool (Occasionally)

If the idea of change freaks you out and forces you to run in the opposite direction, check out this perspective.

We’ve all been there before…

The place where you thought something was going to go one way and then it completely surprises you by turning out entirely different. CHANGE is cool though.

  • 💯 Sometimes change can be a good thing though.

  • 💯 Sometimes change challenges us to evolve.

  • 💯 Sometimes change leads us to new opportunities.

We've put all our energy into this one thing hoping it will lead to success, happiness, love, money all the feels. Change is investable in life and business. We all must face it one way or another. You just have to decide how you're going to handle it when adversities comes your way. Some fold. Others adapt.

What does this have to do with creating content for your brand, growing your social media, or building an empire?


Achieving the "Perfect Post"

Maybe you spent hours working on the “perfect post,” which we can agree is non-existent. You posted it and there were crickets 🦗.

No such thing. Keep going.

The perfect post is bullsh*t. Get out your head and start having fun with the content you're creating. You're overcomplicating the process and probably stressing yourself and/or your social media team tf out. Yeah... I said it. It's true. The harder you try with social media, the less authentic it will feel and your audience will quickly catch on to your cold corporate approach to try and engage them. Just stop it. Relax a bit and see what sticks. Some of your content will win and some will flat out SUCK. Doesn't matter. You tried. Don't stop trying.

Becoming an "Instant Influencer"

Maybe you thought the thousands of dollars you spent on photos, videos, writing articles, and paying for press would make you an “instant influencer” or thought leader over night. It didn’t.

Not realistic. Keep going.

While success does happen overnight on social media, you shouldn't count on it. In other words, don't hold your breath. You should focus more of your time on creating quality content and engaging with your current audience. We engage through comments, direct messages, likes, etc. When you start pouring your energy into what really matters, you'll see your community begin to grow. We'll put a pin in this for now, but stay tuned as we'll be discussing in greater detail down the road.

Making Money as a "Big Baller, a Shot Caller"

Maybe you thought that if you worked hard enough and did really good work, your business revenue would skyrocket to millions and billions of dollars within a short period of time and you'd become a "Big Baller, Shot Caller". It hasn’t happened.

Not impossible, but keep going.

Did this one hurt? If it stung a little, it's alright. It takes time to build an empire. You need patience and a solid strategy to help you get where you want to go. Focus less on the money and more on doing what makes you feel fulfilled. Thank about the impact you're making in your industry and amplify it. Before you know it, you'll start seeing the money you need to really ball out. For now, prioritize the shot calling piece of this by organizing a team and delegating as needed. This will help you sustain your growth as you go.

Guess what? It’s okay for something to not work out. Why? We must embrace the fact that sometimes things just happen exactly as they should. Take the shortcomings, the change, and the lessons and transform your mindset and your situation.

YOU have the power to do that today.

The best thing you can be doing for your brand, social media, and business in this moment is to keep going. Don’t throw in the towel when something ends up different than you plan. Welcome it and adapt.

The world is constantly changing, especially in the digital times that we live in. Will you be willing to change with it?


About Mia B. Fanning, M.ED. a.k.a., The Queen of Content

Mia is a multi-talented global content creator, storyteller, digital microinfluencer, social media consultant, instructor, doctoral student in her dissertation phase, a motivational speaker, and the founder of House of Bequest, a content creation agency. Her social media following of 25k+ combined from her Instagram, Tik Tok, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter allow her to partner with brands you know and love, such as the Hyatt Regency, Blue Bear, Lemon Jelly, in addition to local Atlanta companies. She specializes in user-generated content creation helping many of your favorite brands develop organic-based experiential digital marketing content (images, short-form videos, etc.). "Content made simple is my motto." - Mia B. Fanning As a full-time multi-talented traveling content creator, her work allows her to support creators and aspiring creators through creative coaching and crafting exclusive content creation experiences to help users elevate their personal and business brands. She also consults clientele across a diverse spectrum supporting one of the world's top story design firms, Fortune 500s, premiere travel brands, SVPs, executive coaches, startups, and seasoned career professionals. Read her latest press feature in Shoutout Atlanta.

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Image Credits House of Bequest: Ty Davis, Access Now Media

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