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Content is QUEEN

Here's why Content isn't King. It's Queen.

The Queen of Content Shares Why Content is Queen. Want more content? Subscribe so you don't miss a beat. African American woman with camera discusses content creation similarities to queens.

By now, you’ve undoubtedly heard or seen the phrase “Content is King." While a king is certainly influential, we all know that the true power lies with the queen. Perhaps you disagree, or maybe you’ll stick around to see why I say this. You see, queens are a force to be reckoned with.

Throughout history, we've witnessed triumphs, trials and errors, strength, beauty, and, most importantly, the influence of the most royal change-makers in the world. Think about Queen Cleopatra, Nefertiti of Ancient Egypt, Mary, Queen of Scots, Queen Elizabeth I., the late Queen Elizabeth II., Victoria of England, Anne Boleyn of England, Victoria of England, and Marie-Antoinette of France." Granted, a few got a bit carried away and were executed, but let's keep it moving. Whether it's their diplomatic duties, lavish lifestyles, or latest fashion statements, the queen must always be "on" and ready to entertain her subjects.

White queen in white dress with red hair and crown

What's the queen wearing? What's the queen doing? What's the queen eating? What's does the queen think about this?

It's always been about the queen, and let's be honest, if social media as we know it was around back then, everything would have been about the queen.

It's simply a different type of walk and social impact than the king's. Women rule, period.

As the head of state, your Royal Highness is responsible for setting the stage for the kingdom's culture, which is why in today's time, we must also see the similarities with social media marketing.

Women Rule the World

What does all of this queen talk have to do with creating content? It's simple. Content is the window to reach the world we live in within seconds. Women are the largest consumers in the world. In a 2009 Forbes article, The Female Economy, co-authors Michael J. Silverstein and Kate Sayre said, "Women now drive the world economy." They also indicated that women control $20 trillion in consumer spending, with projections that by 2014 it could reach $28 trillion. In 2020, Catalyst reported that the number was $38.1 billion. In essence, The Future is Female Consumption, and women control the marketplace, including the digital media landscape.

  • Women represent more than half of the U.S. population and influence 85% of consumer spending - (Source, Forbes 2019)

  • 78% of women in the U.S. use social networking sites - (Source: Mashable, 2012; Pew Research Center)

Black Women Shape the Social Media Culture

Black woman queen poses in fantasy garden with crown on in gold dress

Women, specifically Black women, shape the social culture, especially on platforms like Tik Tok and Instagram.

For instance, think about the viral Tik Tok dance trend to Megan the Stallion's "Savage" song that Kiera Wilson choreographed. Content is QUEEN.

Another example are beauty styles like the "new" dark lipliner trend, which has been reframed as a "brownie" lip that has actually been an African American makeup look for decades.

I'll continue this for another piece, so we don't get to sidetracked, but I had to set the record straight. Content is QUEEN.

Celebrity Content Consumption Be Like...

Let's be clear, all women influence, and when it comes to content creation and brand building, The Kardashian women are the perfect example of leveraging your content. Kris Jenner's branding brilliance allowed her to turn her family into content for consumers. Content is queen. Kim, Courtney, Khloé, Kylie, and Kendall could literally be watching paint dry, and it would be news. Content is QUEEN.

Black woman with tube top and jeans texting on phone or social media

When our beloved Queen B, a.k.a., Beyoncé teases us with an Instagram story, drops a single post on the gram, or dare teases us with new music on her website, within seconds, her notifications are over the moon.

The next thing we know, the hive, including myself, are creating dance videos, vlogs, and Instagram Reels promoting and celebrating her music. Content is QUEEN.

Women are the Ultimate Content Creators

Fellas, these are just facts. You might try and deny it if you're a man, or perhaps not, but women even influence and inspire men to make moves. Women are the only humans that can bring life into this world. Women give birth to new ideas.

Mixed women girlfriends

Without women, everything stops, including the nagging we're traditionally known for. ;). We are trendsetters shaping what's deemed hot and what is a definite not.

Our creativity shines through our relationships, our craft, our children, our gifts, our careers, our social media platforms, our artwork as photographers, videographers, musicians, songwriters, etc.

Simply stated, we are the OG QUEENS of CONTENT.


About Mia B. Fanning, M.ED. a.k.a., The Queen of Content

Mia B. Fanning, the Queen of Content in Atlanta, Georgia poses with camera and skyline in background

Mia is a multi-talented global content creator, storyteller, digital microinfluencer, social media consultant, instructor, doctoral student in her dissertation phase, a motivational speaker, and the founder of House of Bequest, a content creation agency. Her social media following of 25k+ combined from her Instagram, Tik Tok, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter allow her to partner with brands you know and love, such as the Hyatt Regency, Blue Bear, Lemon Jelly, in addition to local Atlanta companies. She specializes in user-generated content creation helping many of your favorite brands develop organic-based experiential digital marketing content (images, short-form videos, etc.).

"Content made simple is my motto." - Mia B. Fanning

As a full-time traveling content creator, she works with brands and clientele across a diverse spectrum supporting one of the world's top story design firms, Fortune 500s, premiere travel brands, SVPs, executive coaches, startups, and seasoned career professionals. Additionally, she designs and executes high-level brand awareness strategies and online community-building imperatives.

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